E.Musk lends a hand to Neurobiologists and enhances brain function by 93.7%

Elon Musk's biggest investment in Neuroscience

Real life ironman - Elon Musk, has just announced that he is about to quit his position in Tesla in order to make room for a new business venture which he believes will change world more than Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City ever could. His new venture is called IQ Points Brain and, although he didn't come up with the idea, he invested $93 Million back in Fall of 2015 which allowed him to control all of IQ Points Brain's decisions.

We explain how IQ Points Brain is enhancing the lives of American citizens by providing a long range of mental capabilities:

• Advanced problem solving abilities
• Prolonged Attention
• Improved short & long-term memory
• Enhanced mood and reduced anxiety

Before we go into details of IQ Points Brain, let us explain who Elon Musk is exactly. Elon Musk is a visionary, some call him the smartest enterpreneur of our century. He believes in renewable energy and although his ideas seem too radical and impossible to many people, Elon is proving them wrong year after year. He has made it his agenda to make the world a greener and better place. Some of his ventures include electric cars (Tesla), cheaper and publicly available space travel and colonization of Mars (Space X) and next generation solar panels (Solar City).

But now, Musk has decided to partly withdraw from running Tesla, in order to focus on his new venture in the cognitive enhancement sector. That's why he acquired IQ Points Brain. He believes that this will be fine tuned into the "holy grail" and advance the lives of people across the world by giving them the power to take back control of their life.

What exactly is IQ Points Brain? Simply stated, it is advanced "Bio-Hacking". It is the LARGEST and fastest growing sport with the intention of using supplements that transform your brain and have it performing optimally at ALL times. Elon Musk has done all the ground work for us so that we all can have access to the products that will change humanity for the better.

This is his new philanthropy mission, giving society the tools we need to advance. Elon believes this will allow everyone to be on the "same playing field." Musk confirms that IQ Points Brain has increased brain performance by 93.7% without causing any neagtive side effects.

So what exactly does that mean to you? This means your intellect will be 4 - 5 times higher, and no one will stand in your way. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

This has been a well-kept secret for the elites, the rich and famous, the CEO executives. After Elon took control of the company, he was thinking of changing the world, as he does with all his companies. We are now in the age to progress faster than ever before. To have more, to be more. It's truly exciting.

In our recent interview, Elon said that “Yes, caffeine was my go-to during my career because it does help to promote mental alertness and can, therefore, increase my overall productivity, but the effects of caffeine are minuscule on the scale of cognitive enhancement substances. Our team has been able to increase TOTAL brain performance by 93.7%, that’s just something coffee cannot and will not do.”

We interviewed Elon Musk so he can better explain exactly how IQ Points Brain operates and what benefits that come with it.

Can you tell us how IQ Points Brain works?
This revolutionary formula works by enabling your brain to process everything more efficiently. It energizes the tissue and functions deep at a celluar level. It connects regions of the brain that were once seperated, and allows them to begin speaking to each other. It does this by reducing any kinds of mental fatigue or weakness, allowing our brain outout to be performing at higher speeds.
How often does IQ Points Brain work on the average person?
It works on 98% of the users who have gone through clinical studies. What people are saying on Social media is real, it’s there and it’s true, so we are only getting this formula more advanced by the day. We are still in an early stage of our development, but it’s already showing over 95% success rate in men and women over the age of 40. This means that out of 100 people, 95 to 98 people will experience all of cognitive abilities this pill has to offer.
What can a new user expect to gain by using IQ Points Brain?
Users will gain an intense form of mental concentration, nothing that they have experienced before I guarantee it. After a few days it enhances the cognitive function by improving mood and reducing anxiety by almost 47%. The greatest part is that it will prevent mental fatigue by blocking receptors in the brain and providing more effcient synthesis of energy. This is what causes users to work for prolonged hours with complete "tunnel vision."
Has any user suffered any negative side effects?
No, we have never had a user have any negative side effects from using Neruo XR. I wouldn't take something nor would I be involved in a company that had ANY potential risk whatsoever.
What improvements are you working on right now?
Right now we can only access certain regions of the brain. By 2019 we hope to access 93% of the brain, allowing us to really tap into the magic that we will be capable of achieveing.This will give us even more ways to acquire information and to call upon it at any given time. This will sky-rocket problem solving abilities and total creative expression completely unique to the individual.
Is it safe to be growing that intelligent?
It’s 100% safe. We simply ask that people do right with their acquired "awakening" and do good in the world. There is no risk if everyone is using their new potential to advance humanity. We take our mission very seriously and will never take any risks to harm our users.
How much will it cost to use IQ Points Brain?
We don’t know yet. But first time customers will receive 1 Free Bottle After that, for regular users, we are still thinking of charging affordable rates for month to month users. We have a life changing product here, and once people see the true value of it, I think we will let them decide.
When will IQ Points Brain be available to the public?
Very soon. We are just adding finishing touches and first members will be welcome very soon. First we will open the doors for a limited time - and when the feedback flows in, we will continue to advance the formula and keep steady growth happening. Again, we have a Limited Time Offer and giving 1 Free Bottle per new customer. You must be an American citizen to take part in this. We will be be opening up to UK this December.

After the interview Elon showed us IQ Points Brain in action. We got to try it out and it was literally like I was a different person. I felt as if my mind expanded to the point of total awareness and bliss. Elon also gave us each a free bottle and we couldn't be happier. All I can say is, if you are not where you want to be in life, you need to get on this IQ Points Brain plan. I am lost for words trying to explain how amazing this is.

We have also interviewed Ben Carson, a world renowned neurosurgeon, author, and politician who is the 17th and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, under the Trump Administration. Ben gives his opinion on Elons groundbreaking advancement in neurobiology.

Ben Carson said that his brain is sharper than ever, more clear and focused and he credits a large part to using IQ Points Brain. Ben Carson went on to add "The brain is like a muscle, you got to work it out and use supplements just like body builders use, but for your brain, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to enhance my mental capabilities as I get older. IQ Points Brain is definitely one for the history books."

Ben Carson adds that "Once we hit our late twenties, the brain's aging process begins and we begin losing neurons—the cells that make up the brain and nervous system. By our mid 40's, our brains have literally begun to shrink. Though these brain changes may sound a bit scary, the process is natural and it happens to everyone. Taking these types of supplements will stop the natural aging of the brain and rebuild the celluar strcuture to keep your brain performing at its best."

We live in a fast progressing world, you would be a fool to be left behind when all this amazing opportunity is coming right to our doorsteps.

“If you find it difficult to focus or have trouble with memory retention, this causes extreme stress on the body. When you are stressed, it affects the working memory and decision making you will have. Taking on stress can also increase the impulsivity of a person, thus decreasing his capability of being patient and increasing his anger.”

This is why supplements that are directly pointed at serving our brains are so important. Sometimes the things that seem too good to be true, are actually true. IQ Points Brain works by increasing the connection of your neural-pathways and helps manage your stress effectively. When the level of stress decreases the level of performance increases faster and faster.


The incredible has happened. Elon has just notified us that IQ Points Brain IS LIVE! They are accepting the first 1,000 new customers to receive a free bottle of IQ Points Brain. This is literally the most prized gift you could ask for! As of writing this, there are 937 spots left, but it won’t be long before the limited stock of free bottles is available, so hurry up. Click the link below to claim your FREE bottle now.

Click Here to access IQ Points Brain, Risk FREE!
Thursday, February 8, 2018
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Kjetil Vandenbulcke
So guys it's my first week on IQ Points Brain. So fat it works great for me. In the first 5 days my I could feel an immediate shift in my brains performance. So crazy lol
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Vivianne Chan ·
Thanks for you report, seems like I will try it :D
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Chris Tang
wow sound good bro
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Axel Guilloux ·
a product that finally is not a myth? :D
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Marcus Pullido ·
Oh boy, it's my second day and I havent stopped working lol. I love Elon Musk! Screw going to space! Life is happening down here!
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Marcus Pullido ·
How does it work? How can you work better?
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Marcus Pullido ·
Marcus, it's like your brain is 100% focused and on autopilot. All you need to do is start. After that you can you will see how insane this works. Can't believe how well it works still, but I aint going to question it lol!
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Marcus Pullido ·
wow, sounds good! Count me in!
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Maria Moreno
haha, finally startups make something usefull not useless vitamins or other crap...See More
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Luiza Azevedo Freitas ·
how long free for? :D
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Nicolai Mikkelsen ·
I believe Elon will be the worlds most valuable man lol
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Amanda Karpinski ·
oh boy I'd love to try it!
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Cameron Morgan ·
This is epic! How could no one ever before do this?
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Márcio Longo
Yes it's funny. so many intelligent people and yet here elon musk is changing te game once again.....See More
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Beth Zaremba ·
Neruo XR, here I come! Best article on CNN!
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Norikazu Kakishita ·
Is this available in Japan?
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Florian Di Martino ·
heh go an invite from my friend. I've been on neruo xr for 2 hours and currently have NO BRAIN FOG. So far seems good!
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Ben Plunkett ·
Good luck m8! I'm on it for four days and works perfect!
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Verônica Aguilera ·
Should I quit my college? And become full time bio-hacker? :D
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Arun Narayan
Thank you sir Elon for your work!
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